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A VPN friendly Casino is a type of gambling platform, that allows clients to use VPN while playing. All Casinos...

High Winrate 馃
VPN Friendly
This means that you can access online casinos that are geo-locked
Crypto Deposit
Accepting crypto only means making deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto coins.
High Winrate 馃


  • Instant crypto withdrawals
  • 5900+ Games
  • High odds
Best Bonus 馃
VPN Friendly
This means that you can access online casinos that are geo-locked
Best Bonus 馃


  • Crypto Focused
  • Over 2000+ Games
  • Unique VIP Rewards
VPN Friendly
This means that you can access online casinos that are geo-locked
Logo of SirWin



  • 7800+ games
  • Max Withdrawal - $999,999
  • Generous bonuses and regular promotions
VPN Friendly
This means that you can access online casinos that are geo-locked
Logo of LeetBit



  • Large selection of games, including eSports betting
  • Supports eight popular cryptocurrencies
  • Speedy payouts (usually less than an hour)
Fast Payout 鈿★笍
VPN Friendly
This means that you can access online casinos that are geo-locked
Crypto Deposit
Accepting crypto only means making deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto coins.
Fast Payout 鈿★笍


  • 20% cashback on losses
  • 6,500+ games, high RTP
  • No KYC and VPN-friendly
New 馃敟


  • 2000+ games
  • Sports betting in addition to casino games
  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android
VPN Friendly
This means that you can access online casinos that are geo-locked


  • Wide selection of cryptocurrencies
  • Loyalty program
  • Fast withdrawals
VPN Friendly
This means that you can access online casinos that are geo-locked
Logo of Wild.io



  • Smooth access to gambling
  • Anonymity
  • Licensing

What is a VPN friendly casino?

A VPN friendly crypto casino is a gambling site that accepts players who access its platform using virtual private networks (VPNs). When playing online casino with VPN gamblers can be sure about a higher level of anonymity and security. It is also the easiest way to save access to your favorite games, bonuses, and withdrawal options during the vacation. This is also the best option for those who travel a lot or need to often change the location due to the work. With VPN friendly casino gamblers don’t have to stress about restricted platforms, because any website will be available with a few simple clicks.

However, not all gambling platforms are the same. That’s why if you are still wondering if can i use VPN to play online casino then make sure that its rules do not restrict the use of such networks. More details about such platforms and their features can be found on this page below.


Why Use a VPN for Casino Gambling at All?

Playing online casino games with VPN can be fun and safe if you find secure networks and platforms that allow you to use them. There are so many reasons to use VPN for real money casino and easy access to any platform from anywhere is one of the main ones for sure. For example, you are a US gambler living abroad or just traveling at the moment but you want to play on US platforms. By using the stake casino VPN you will get access to the selected platform and all its settings. As a result, the only online platform will be available in whatever place.

Also, you can use VPN for casino sites in Europe even if you are now in the US. Only in a few clicks, you will have access to all the settings and games in the selected European platform. Even if the website does not accept US players they can gamble there with a secure private network. And that's not only to play at the casinos in Europe. Another significant reason for playing Microgaming Casino VPN USA is to save access to the platforms, even if it's inaccessible in a specific region. As you might know, numerous gambling sites are blocked in particular regions, so gamblers have no other way to play their favorite games at such sites but to use network protection.

More details about other reasons to use VPN service to play casino and change the online location are found below.

Access the Best Online Casinos

So can you play state restricted casino through VPN? Yes, that is the primary cause of using it by players today. With this tool, they have access to the top gambling sites all around the world, without worries about anything but how to find a VPN. By changing geo relocation VPN for casino you can get simple access to numerous platforms to find the best one for your gambling goals. You can test platforms from different regions to find the best game collection and bonuses. This is the best solution for those who want to have freedom when choosing a gambling platform.


Even if online casino email verifications pick up VPN is still mandatory at most platforms, players can ensure themself 100% anonymity only with a VPN. Because your IP address will be masked during the process of using network protection, your location can be changed in one click. As a result, no one can get information about your real location, which makes this kind of gambling really secure and anonymous.

It can also be an additional layer to protect yourself while using platforms with untrustable existing security protocols. It means that when you are not sure if there is an SSL certificate or firewall it's better to not share your real location. In that case, it is better to use such software. For sure all the best platforms will have all such aspects covered by default, but still, when using a new site it's better to use a safer way. Best playmgm casino VPN will have a strict no-logs policy to ensure that all its users have encrypted and anonymous connections.


Gamble in Specific Countries

When visiting other countries for work or traveling many gamblers are curious will a VPN work with Caesar online casino. And for sure the answer will be possessive because most of the gambling sites can be opened with private networks to play from anywhere. It is also one of the key advantages of VPN use because, with this simple solution, gamblers can have access to their favorite platform without any territorial limits. Only in a few clicks, they can unlock any gambling platform no matter where they are based.

So the next time you visit a new country or want to test a new website just use the secure private networks.


Why do some casinos not allow VPNs?

Now you don’t need to worry if can i use a VPN to play Royal Panda Casino, as you can see it is a simple and safe tool. At the same time, be sure you select a secure private network and that the platform allows such a tool. For sure most gambling sites today allow their clients to use such options to get access to all its features and games. Moreover, some platforms require mandatory verification, so players can use any additional tools to change their IP address. Here are key reasons for that:

1.  Regulatory Compliance - due to strict regulations (e.g. geolocation restrictions) and licensing requirements, platforms must ensure that players access platforms from locations where online gambling is legal.

2.  Fraud Prevention - with VPN for casinos it will be impossible to detect and prevent fraudulent activities.

3.  Security Concerns - when players use private networks, it puts the platform at increased risk!

That is why before playing at the selected platform check if it will a VPN work with Caesar Online Casino by reading its terms. Such information can also be found in the reviews.

Is VPN legal?

You need to remember that the legality of such tools is determined by the country’s regulations. That means in some regions you can use private networks and not worry about anything. But if the country’s law forbids use of them then it's better to not risk it and sign in with your current IP address. You can also find the mention that such tools are restricted when creating a new account at the selected website. It is often found at fiat casinos, but most cryptocurrency platforms are friendly to such tools. That's why it can be the best alternative to traditional gambling platforms with numerous limits and restrictions. For instance, most crypto sites are operated independently from offshore locations, so their clients are free to use any kind of private network.


Benefits of online casinos that allow VPN

Why is a VPN needed for casino? The list of private network advantages below can help you find an answer to this question:

鈼   enhanced security;

鈼   high level of privacy protection;

鈼   simple access to the geo-restricted platforms;

鈼   better performance;

鈼   exclusive features!

And these are only some of the benefits that you will get by playing on the platforms that allow such tools.


Best crypto VPN casino

Does Ignition Casino have an integrated VPN or do you still need to use additional tools? This is another secure gambling platform that allows the use of private networks, so you don't have to worry about whether it's legal or not. Here is a list of the best casinos that meet similar requirements:

  1. Wild.io
  2. Goldenbet
  3. CryptoLeo
  4. BC Game Crypto casino
  5. Metaspins
  6. Caesa
  7. Stake casino
  8. Royal Panda
  9. Playmgm
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