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Let’s first get to know what is and its origin. This is the cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2013 and from the beginning, it was called Its founder and CEO, Lin Han, has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Software Engineering and a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. First of all, he created an exchange for trading Bitcoin, which is where the first name came from.

In 2017, Gate Technologies Inc. bought Bter from Lin Han and renamed it to its current naming. This is one of the first crypto exchanges that appeared in China. Where is headquartered currently? headquarters are registered and placed in the Cayman Islands, while its location was China at the time of Bter.

GT token

The exchange has its own Gate token (GT) created on the Ethereum network. It is used to pay transaction fees with a discount and to validate VIP status. One of the ways to get this status is to keep more than 50,000 GT tokens on the exchange account. VIP status reduces the commission for all activities on the exchange and also provides access to institutional services.


Daily trading volume - $447, 933, 142

Trust score - 9

Cybersecurity - AAA

Financial reserves - $1, 400, 000, 000

Monthly visits - 11 M

Cryptocurrencies - 1654

Trading pairs - 2900

*Data from Coingecko and Coinmarketcap 

Having not the highest Trustscore - 9, the exchange has an AAA rating for cyber security and does not reach 1 place to enter the 10 most secured exchanges. Its financial reserves are displayed in real-time on Coinmarketcap and audited by third parties.

Judging by 11 million visitors, a large number of crypto tokens (1,654) and trading pairs (2,900), as well as other privileges of the exchange. Gate attracts quite a lot of users and decent trading volumes - $ 447, 933, 142 per day.

Deposit and withdrawal

Due to the fact that the exchange is not regulated, direct bank transfers for depositing and withdrawing fiat currencies are not available. For this, you can use intermediaries, but you will expect an increased commission, exchange rate difference, and longer waiting time.

If you don't like bank transfers, the P2P and OTC market is available on the exchange. Direct transfers to a crypto wallet are also available to you. Therefore, there will be no problems for experienced traders to withdraw crypto from Gateio to fiat. deposit fees 

The table below provides a list of payment intermediaries and their commissions for depositing on Gate via bank transfer. The percentage is indicated taking into account the rate and commission at the time of writing the article.

Payment processor 

Deposit fee 











Legend Trading

6.52% withdrawal fees 

Only the following currencies are available for fiat withdrawal of funds from Gate: EUR; GBP; AUD. In addition, you can only exchange USDT or other cryptocurrencies for these currencies, you can directly withdraw EUR to EUR. That is, you will exchange currency at the broker's rate. Currently, only BENXA is available for withdrawing fiat from Gate with a 1.35% fee and inflated exchange rate. withdrawal limit

There are the following withdrawal limits per day related to KYC verification:

  1. Without KYC there is a $100,000 
  2. Level 1 - $2,000,00
  3. Level 2 - $5,00,000

Trading opportunities 

  • Spot
  • Margin
  • Leveraged tokens
  • Converter
  • Trading bot
  • Copy trading
  • Options
  • NFT trading
  • Perpetual futures
  • Delivery futures 

A wide variety of trading opportunities allows you to fully reveal the potential of a trader and satisfy the needs of an ordinary user. Margin, futures, and options trading will allow you to build profitable strategies, as well as hedge risks. Copytrading, the NFT marketplace, and the Converter will allow beginners to quickly adapt to cryptocurrency trading. It is also suitable for users of trading bots because it allows you to create your own directly on the exchange, and the API key provides access to trading with external soft. trading fees

To calculate the commission, two terms are used - maker and taker. The first means that you place a limit order, thereby creating (making) an order to buy or sell. In the second case, you place a market order, which means you take an already-created order from the order book. Below are the maker-taker fees for the spot market on Gateio, taking into account VIP levels and discounts for paying commissions with the help of the GT token. spot trading fees  

30-Day Volume

Non-discount Maker-Taker 

GT Discount 


0 to <$60,000

0.2% / 0.2%

0.15% / 0.15%

$60,000 to <$120,000

0.185% / 0.195%

0.139% / 0.146%

$120,000 to <$240,000

0.175% / 0.185%

0.131% / 0.139%

$240,000 to <$500,000

0.165% / 0.175%

0.124% / 0.131%

$500,000 to <$1,000,000

0.155% / 0.165%

0.116% / 0.124%

$1,000,000 to < $3,000,000

0.145% / 0.155%

0.109% / 0.116%

This table shows the system of VIP levels that can be obtained for a large trading volume, or a large accumulation of cryptocurrencies, or holding a large number of GT tokens on the account. If you use the GT token to pay the fees, you will receive the discount illustrated in the right column of the table.


KYC is not mandatory for trading on this crypto exchange, but certain restrictions apply without it. To increase security, the following verification methods are available: two-factor verification via Google 2FA authenticator, mail, or SMS. You can also set a password for withdrawing funds.

In 2019, Gate was hacked for $270,000, half of which it returned six months later.  After that, she launched a bug bounty program to identify and eliminate bugs and vulnerabilities. Part of the exchange's assets is stored in cold wallets disconnected from the Internet to increase security.   

In the same year, Gate became one of the first exchanges to launch Proof-of-Reserves, which is now under audit and publicly available. Coingeco displays reserve audits, while Coinmarketcap displays publicly available reserves. However, CMC takes data publicly presented by the exchange, it does not reflect the presence of a third-party audit. The official exchange’s website states that the overall and PoR audits are done by “Armanio” with the link provided for both. 

Is safe? 

We’ve looked through the security parameters before, so let’s decide whether is safe. It has basic account security methods like 2FA authentication via mail, SMS, and Google. The exchange was hacked. which is a usual case in the crypto world, but still Gate is working on security improvement with the bug bounty program. Exchange audit in line with proof-of-reserves audit is done with third-party firm “Armanio” and could be found on the exchange’s website page. 

Overall, the exchange can be classified as safe as its security methods are not much lower than competitors have. Another case proving the security is that after being hacked, the exchange has got back the half of sum and returned that to its customers. However, that exchange is not regulated, which shows the lack of regulatory due diligence, and low law security. Cybersecurity requirements are met on a high level, so if you are not taking care of the regulatory side, it’s quite safe for you to use the exchange. 

Terminal and mobile app

The terminal interface will be familiar to most users who previously have been using any other cryptocurrency exchanges. However, it could be difficult for beginners, as there is no simplified version. It works quickly, the graph is displayed without friezes. Convenient filters by sector, for example, De-Fi; NFT; Metaverse tokens are very easy to track. The app is available, it matches the WEB terminal in terms of quality and convenience.


  • NFT platform
  • IEO platform
  • Educational platform
  • Cloud mining
  • Auto-investment
  • OTC market
  • Staking
  • Liquidity mining
  • Crypto lending
  • Polkadot / Kusama parachains slot auction
  • ETH 2.0 staking
  • Leveraged tokens 

Such a wide range of features makes the exchange an all-in-one solution suitable for seasoned traders, institutional investors, and retail buyers. There are enough options for passive income on your assets, like stacking, lending, and liquidity mining. Investment opportunities are exceptional as well, with NFT and IEO platforms you can gain profits in different crypto market sectors. 

Auto-investment service will be a good help in case your buying strategy is DCA, in line with the OTC market for big deals over the counter of the order book. For the DOT and KSM holders, there is a handy service allowing you to take part in the parachain slot auction directly from the exchange interface. If you have questions on any of those terms or words, you can read guides and educational platform on Gate exchange which is quite descriptive and well presented. review

According to reviews about the exchange on Trustpilot, it received a rating of 2 out of 5. Many different comments, among which opinions about the convenience and speed of the exchange work differ. There are also complaints about long answers from support or freezing of the application without solving the problem. There are enough comments about the hacking of accounts, which led to the loss of funds. You can learn more by following the link to the reviews page on Trustpilot.

Customer support and contacts 

You can communicate with support through live chat on the website, by making a request through your own account, or by sending a letter to the email.



Telegram community chat: 


Instagram: supported countries

The exchange support all the countries except those that are listed below: 

  • Canada
  • USA
  • China
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Bolivia
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Uzbekistan
  • Netherlands

New users from the restricted countries will not be able to register. Already active users of the platform from banned countries will have limited opportunities. It is your choice to keep using the exchange if it is not available in your country. But keep in mind the regulatory risks.

Is available in the US?

Whether you’re asking “Ss legal in US?”, the simple answer is NO. The exchange did not receive a BitLicense that allows it to serve clients in New York, it is not legal in the US. The USA regulatory process has not finished positively, which is why it is included in the list of countries that are eligible for use. Still, if you have capital gains on this exchange,, you have to report on them, as does report to IRS. 

Let’s assume you have assets on an already existing account, the reasonable question is “Can I use in the US”. Then it’s your day, as already registered US customers can have access to spot and options trading, in line with staking services and the NFT platform. Margin; Leveraged tokens; Perpetual futures; Delivery futures are not available to US citizens. Some tokens may also be unavailable, the same as structured products or crypto lending services. 

No verification needed
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